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17 Best Typeform alternatives trending in 2024 (Free + simple-to-use)

The search on what is the best Typeform alternatives for creating forms and surveys can just end here! We’ll be discussing some free, paid, and worthy form builders and survey tools that can serve you best in fetching data.

Let’s dive into the topic to understand what Typeform offers at present, the reasons to switch for better alternatives, and the different viable Typeform alternatives.

Before getting started, it’s important that you get to know how Typeform is being used in the market. Then, inspect the need to think about the alternatives. Finally, you can look through the curated list of Typeform alternatives.

Typeform alternatives – Free & Paid


1. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow can serve as the perfect Typeform alternative that can get you up to a 40% increase in response rate. For a lesser cost and with a similar conversational approach to asking questions, SurveySparrow enriches the customer experience with stunning customizable designs. Its unique features turn surveys into engaging conversations, helping users get important information while also connecting with people. This means users can make better decisions based on real interactions, not just numbers.

SurveySparrow - Conversational Typeform alternative with user-friendly features


  • 500+ sleek templates that can be customized for your needs
  • 20+ native integrations to suit your tech ecosystem
  • Case management to close the feedback loop and establish a connection with the audience
  • Advance CSS customizations to design according to your style guide
  • Robust NPS tool to gauge customer/employee loyalty
  • Create chat surveys and deploy them as pop-up/embed/bot to collect responses on the go
  • Executive dashboard to have a holistic view of all the responses in the form of widgets

Trial & Pricing

It’s free to use for basic needs. You can also try the enterprise-level trial for 14 days without giving credit card details. The pricing starts at a modest $19/month for the quality features it offers.

2. Jotform

It’s a drag-and-drop survey creator that can be effectively used as an alternative to Typeform. It specializes in data collection along with payment processing. It allows you to create and preview a form without signing up! JotForm mirrors Typeform’s user-friendly approach, enabling users to build versatile forms, collect payments, and customize their survey experiences. Prominent Typeform Competitor


  • 10,000+ form templates for various needs
  • Encrypt form responses on top of SSL
  • Drag and Drop questions to easily create the form
  • PDF to HTML web form conversion for flexible form creation

Trial & Pricing

It provides a free trial and is priced at $24/month. 


SurveyLegend, the survey software, helps create neat-looking online surveys. It’s one of the growing businesses in the survey-building field. SurveyLegend shares key features with Typeform, including visual design, interactive surveys, mobile compatibility, and customization options.

SurveyLegend - Survey maker with beautiful designs


  • 25+ question types to create a form
  • Advanced conditional branching options to design your survey
  • Backdrop layer for better visibility of questions
  • Adjust font style and size for better readability

Trial & Pricing

You can try the free trial to test the features, and the pricing range starts at $15/month.

4. Aidaform

Aidaform can serve as a nice alternative to Typeform to easily create simple online forms. It would work well for beginners to use online forms for data collection. Customization and branding options ensure a consistent look, while mobile responsiveness guarantees accessibility across devices. AidaForm’s versatile question types and conditional logic provide tailored survey experiences akin to Typeform. 

AidaForm - Online registration forms that are easy-to-use


  • 17 supported languages to create forms
  • Embed forms on web pages to collect data
  • Password protect forms to restrict access to the right audience
  • Generate custom reports with collected responses
  • Stripe and Paypal payment options within the forms

Trial & Pricing

You can try the form builder with a free trial, and the subscription starts at $8/month.

5. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey can be the survey software you’re looking for, with similar good-looking online forms to Typeform. You can custom import and export data from the platform to suit your needs. SoGoSurvey’s comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities align with Typeform’s emphasis on data insights. Additionally, integration possibilities expand its functionality, making it a well-rounded solution for diverse survey needs.

SoGoSurvey - Survey software with multilingual analysis


  • Customizable survey themes to better suit your requirements
  • Trigger survey invitations with native integrations
  • Ticketing system in place to close the feedback loop
  • Sentiment analysis helps gauge the audience’s emotions
  • Intuitive dashboard to have a clear overview of the results

Trial & Pricing

It comes with a 10-day trial to get a sense of the product. $25/month is the price of its starting plan.

6. Zoho Survey

The SaaS giant’s survey tool can serve as a potential alternative to Typeform with its strong native integrations. You can create forms and surveys and use its native integrations with ease. Its user-friendly interface fosters easy survey creation, catering to both newcomers and experienced users. Zoho Survey’s reporting and analytics tools parallel Typeform’s focus on deriving actionable insights from survey data. Moreover, integration capabilities, akin to Typeform, expand its functionality to seamlessly fit within existing workflows.

create survey with the best typeform alternative


  • 200+ templates to create surveys on the go
  • 25+ question types to choose your requirement
  • Customizable themes that can help adhere to your style guide
  • Password protects your surveys to accept only valid responses
  • Share a preview of your survey to get feedback on the same

Trial & Pricing

You can try the 7-day trial without giving out credit card details. The subscription starts at $20/month.

7. Google Forms

Google Forms can be the best free form-building tool you might be looking for while you have a tight budget. Offering a variety of templates, Google Forms enables swift survey creation, paralleling Typeform’s versatility. Its intuitive interface aligns with Typeform’s user-centric approach, ensuring effortless survey creation and completion.

Free Typeform Alternative


  • 17 templates to get you started with creating forms
  • Drag and drop to reorder the questions according to your wish
  • Sectionalize form to ask relevant questions accordingly
  • Embed forms on your website to collect feedback
  • Export data to Google sheets easily

Trial & Pricing

It’s available for free. The trial for additional features comes with a 14-day limit. The priced subscription starts at $12/month.

8. Qualtrics

Qualtrics aims at measuring and improving customer experience with its platform. The experience management platform is too good with rich features. The pricing of the platform might be a deal-breaker for SMBs. Its powerful analytics tools empower users to extract meaningful insights from responses, much like Typeform’s focus on data-driven conclusions.

Paid Typeform Alternative


  • 100+ question types to create your questionnaire
  • Drag and drop UI to create surveys with ease.
  • Share through email, SMS, native apps, and more.
  • Workflows to close the feedback loop.

Trial & Pricing

The platform offers a free unlimited trial to explore its functionality. It requires $1500/year to subscribe for its basic features.

9. 123FormBuilder

As a competitive Typeform alternative, 123FormBuilder has a secure online form builder for data collection. It has a whopping 2000+ form templates for different use cases to get you started. That would help you get going. The platform’s payment processing options, data security, and custom reporting capabilities align with Typeform’s features. With over 2000 form templates and mobile-responsive design, 123FormBuilder offers versatility similar to Typeform.

Data Collection typeform alternative


  • 2000+ form templates to get started with your forms
  • 30+ advanced integrations, including Zapier, Dropbox, Shopify, and HubSpot
  • Payment processing with PayPal, Square, Stripe, FreshBooks, PayU, and more.
  • Adheres to GDPR and HIPAA compliances

Trial & Pricing

You can try the free 15-day trial to learn about the form builder. The priced subscription starts at $19.99/month. 

10. Survio

Survio helps create online questionnaires that cater to different use cases. Its mobile-ready surveys subtly nudge the audience and collect data seamlessly. Its pricing would certainly tempt you to jump safely from Typeform.

Survio - Feedback model typeform competitor


  • 100+ templates to accelerate creating surveys
  • 19 question types to create your surveys
  • Download data in PDF, XLSx, DOCx, and CSV
  • Analyze results in real-time
  • Clone questions within the survey

Trial & Pricing

You can play around with the tool with the 14-day trial to get a feel of the software. The paid subscription starts with the Mini pan at $18.33/month.

Typeform alternatives – Paid


11. Paperform

Paperform can serve as a good form-building tool and comes with flexible payment options that you can include in the forms. The UI for creating the form is slightly mundane, though.

Paperform - Online form builder supporting a range of payment options


  • 650+ templates for unique needs 
  • 24 question types readily available to fetch the data
  • Schedule the distribution of online forms
  • Conditional logic for designing the questionnaire
  • Multiple payment options for the payment field

Trial & Pricing

It offers a 14-day trial to try out its features, and the pricing starts from $20/month.

12. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a proper Typeform competitor and can serve as its alternative with the trust it has earned over the years. It helps in creating surveys that are simple and easy to deploy.

SurveyMonkey - Robust survey tool catering to different business needs


  • 250+ templates curated for various customer needs
  • 100+ app integrations to play around with the data
  • Audience panel to carry out market research
  • Multilingual surveys for the comfort of the audience
  • 360-degree feedback for the development of individuals

Trial & Pricing

It offers a gracious 30-day trial period to get a feel of the platform. The pricing range starts at $25/month.

13. Formstack

Formstack helps you create custom online forms easily. The automation it has in store streamlines the response management process and helps close the feedback loop. The forms are mobile-friendly, making it a smooth form filing process for the responders.

Data collection typeform alternative


  • Drag and drop form builder to create forms easily.
  • Conditional logic to help ask relevant questions.
  • Share via email and social shares.
  • Create workflows to close the feedback loop.
  • Download the submissions as PDF.

Trial & Pricing

Formstack offers a 14-day trial to get a feel of the form builder. The basic Starter plan is priced at $50/month. It doesn’t have a Free plan.

14. Alchemer

Alchemer, formerly known as SurveyGizmo, can be a good contender as a  Typeform alternative. It is a feedback data collection and analysis tool suitable for various use cases. It provides an audience panel in partnership with the help of panel providers.

typeform competitors


  • 30+ question types to create online forms
  • Partnered with panel providers like Cint and Lucid to get an audience
  • Conditional logic and piping data to create forms with a relevant flow effectively.
  • Survey legend to assist the user with a legend or key to your survey
  • Conjoint analysis to understand the value of your products/services

Trial & Pricing

Alchemer allows you a 7-day trial period to analyze the product. The pricing starts with its Collaborator plan at $49/month. Free plan not available.

Typeform alternatives – For WordPress


15. WPForms

As a solid form builder, WPForms is specially made considering the usage of WordPress-powered websites. It helps create forms, surveys, and polls for your custom needs.

best typeform alternatives


  • 300+ templates to get started with creating forms
  • Use CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA to prevent spam responses
  • Collect payments easily with PayPal, Stripe, Square, and
  • Form locker to restrict the access and submissions for specific forms
  • Conversational form option to ask one question at a time

Trial & Pricing

It doesn’t offer a trial but provides a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of usage. The basic plan is priced at $39.5/year.

16. Tripetto

Tripetto is one of the online form builders, which can be a good Typeform alternative with plugins catering to customer needs. It helps build forms like flow charts to have a clear understanding while creating forms.

Tripetto - Form builder specially made for WordPress


  • 21 question types to create your form
  • Dedicated WordPress plugin to easily create a form for its users
  • Embed forms in the website to collect data
  • Customize font and colors for your survey to suit your needs
  • Set scroll direction for the survey to create a better feel

Trial & Pricing

It doesn’t offer a free trial but gives a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of usage. The pricing begins at $99/year.

17. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms can be positioned as a Typeform alternative, with its ability to capture data effectively for WordPress forms. The WordPress plugin has an intuitive form builder. You can set up the feedback collection process and follow-up response without missing any.

WordPress Typeform Alternative


  • Drag and drop form builder to create forms easily.
  • Conditional logic is available to custom design the flow of questions.
  • Multi-page forms to personalize the user experience
  • Save and Continue option to improve the completion rate

Trial & Pricing

It doesn’t offer any Trial version to try the product. The pricing plan starts with its Basic license at $59/year.

Typeform Alternatives – Pricing Comparison table

As you can see, any Typeform equivalent you choose has got features worth the subscription. It’s also significant to note that, similar to Typeform, a Free trial version is offered by most of its alternatives. It helps you to try them out before spending your money. In that way, you could explore the solutions they provide and how it meets your requirements. Keeping the customer journey in mind while choosing a survey platform is vital for businesses. The best alternative is always subjective, and it’s better to check them before jumping to conclusions.


Comparison Table of Typeform Alternatives - Visualizing Features and Pricing

Explore a Comparison Table of Top Typeform Alternatives – Unveiling Features and Pricing


What is Typeform used for?

Typeform offers a conversational online survey tool to interact with the responders. Essentially, they are used to collect online feedback and data collection. It helps to understand the customers’ mindset at different touchpoints. One can identify the pain points associated with each stage in the customer journey and work upon them.

Why look beyond Typeform?

While Typeform strives to be conversational and does a decent job, it certainly has some shortcomings, including its mundane form-building UI and pricing. With just 20+ languages supported, it becomes restricted to leaner demography. All these factors contribute to deterring a lot of customers from continuing with it.

Which one would be your Typeform alternative?

Now, that’s all about the curated alternatives for Typeform we have at present. I hope you found something useful to make a switch from Typeform to one from the list discussed. Try the ones that ring a bell with your needs, and go for it

Please do drop any other alternatives that I may have missed out on and your thoughts about the Typeform alternatives. Happy surveying 🙂



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