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Choose a Survey Software for research, cx, and ex improvements, and when implementing an experience management program, using the right Survey Software is crucial for success.

What is a Survey Software?

Survey Software is a tool used to gather information from an audience group using surveys and forms. Survey software assists in creating and sharing surveys while providing features to analyze and provide actionable insights based on collected data. Online survey creators automatically make it much easier to share and gather responses from respondents around the globe.

Why use Survey Software?

Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience by closing the feedback loop with insights from customer feedback surveys.

Employee Experience

HR teams and leadership can use employee survey creators to gather employee feedback and evaluate employee pulse to take action to improve the overall employee experience. 

Product Experience

Product experience surveys can capture user feedback and engagement during their journey inside the product. The data from such surveys improve the product experience, engagement, and user retention.

Market Research

Conduct market research online with survey builders to collect data from your target audience to understand the markets better. Market research surveys are used to identify gaps in the market and help in capturing new markets.

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Types of Survey Software

Each type of survey has a different use case. Therefore, the type of survey software you use depends on your objective and purpose. Here are the different types of survey software for each goal.

CSAT Survey

Convert customers into loyal fans by hearing their voices and improving their experience throughout their journey. Collect, analyze, and take action to retain customers while enhancing areas of maximum impact.

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NPS Survey

Net Promoter Score or NPS is the standard for measuring customer experience. NPS captures the customers’ emotions and feedback using a single question. An NPS survey software can help understand the customer’s perception of the company and the likeliness to recommend it.

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ESAT Survey

Collect employee feedback throughout the employee lifecycle to get insights for improving employee engagement, growth planning, and performance evaluation. Capturing employee feedback can also help identify and fix problems in the employee journey.

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eNPS Survey

eNPS survey platform can measure employee engagement and happiness. Employee advocacy is as important as customer loyalty to maintain a brand’s reputation internally and externally. In addition, engaged employees contribute to the bottom line by bringing innovation to the company.

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How to use a Survey Software

Survey Solutions are the simplest way to know the pulse of your customers and employees.

Here are the simple steps to use surveys to drive your business towards growth.

Trigger Website Surveys

Survey software triggers NPS and CSAT on-site surveys. Website surveys, when activated, pop up on your website and collect feedback from website visitors.

Standalone Surveys

Create surveys that you can share through email with your customers and employees. Standalone surveys can be used for NPS, CSAT, eNPS, and Employees Pulse Surveys.

Get Deep Insights

You can use survey builder to get actionable insights from the data collected through the surveys. The software should have dashboards and reports to make it easy to gain insights faster.

Take action with Data

Once you have the responses to your surveys, create tickets from customer/employee responses and resolve issues and improve their experience with the brand depending on their response.

Information Security

Secure your Data with a Survey Platform that uses data encryption and SSL. Ensure you comply with GDPR by using GDPR complaint survey software.

Whitelabel Surveys

Create customized surveys to match your brand and use custom domains for hosting the surveys with custom emails.

Benefits of a Survey Software

Create Custom Surveys

Build customized surveys with drag and drop builders and custom CSS.

Customer Journey Surveys

Trigger surveys at different touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Collect Data

Gather data from different audiences for market research and experience management.

Gain Insights & Take Action

Improve the overall experience by implementing experience management programs using surveys.

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