What is a conversational user interface or Conversational UI and why does it matter?

Want to understand conversational UI, but don’t know where to start? This post will help you understand what a conversational user interface really is.

Conversational UI is nothing but an interface that is conducive for carrying out a conversation like chat or discussion. Conversational UI is the core component of any chatbot application. The user interface should be designed to help communicate and interact effortlessly through a widget or window.

What does a conversational user interface do?

Businesses can improve their customer service with a conversational UI which in turn will increase the sales and customer retention rates. Understanding the conversations a customer might have with your brand is important when designing a conversational UI.

Chatbots and surveys are great tools to automate customer service and creating a unique conversational experience give more scope of interaction. Automated chatbots give you better control over the conversation flow between your chatbot and the user in many ways.

Features that make data entry conversational are common in chatbots and any tool that uses interaction for data collection
Having a great user experience and the interface is important when designing a conversational engagement tool for prospects and customers. With the rapid growth of chatbots in recent years, the majority of customer interactions have been handled by conversational tools may it be onboarding a new customer or providing support to an existing one.

Why does conversational UI matter?

For a brand that focuses on building a better customer experience, resonating with the customer persona is important and this makes conversation UI a key factor for the design. Designing a chatbot conversation should start with understanding the audience for whom the bot is built.

Chatbots and chatbot surveys have come a long way since their emergence, but every brand should consider designing using these technologies based on their audience and their needs.

Conversational UI takes the technology and advances it to the next level by creating visual and logic-based interactions. Creating a human experience is only possible with a clear and well-thought-out conversational design.

Conversational UI- It is all about the experience.

Designing chatbot personalities and figuring out how to achieve your business goals at the same time can be a daunting task. We’ve compiled a list of chatbot design guidelines. You can scroll down to find some cool tips from the best chatbot design experts.

Building a chatbot might be simple with the advanced tools and builders available today but to provide a better experience while using the chatbot, you need to develop personalities for the tools that engage with the user.

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